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Travel Tips

Coping with the climate

Sri Lanka is blessed with year round sunshine. So, whether you are planning to lay down by a beach or to enjoy some excitement at adventure sports, make sure to bring your most powerful SPF to keep you safe from the UV rays. While the country is sure to throw a myriad of travelling pleasures at you, the last thing you would want would be a sunburn. Be sure to pack your beachwear, shorts, flip flops and T shirts to keep you comfortable while you are here.

Dress codes

This island nation does not impose heavy dress codes on travelers. However, certain restrictions are imposed on those who visit temples and certain other sites of religious observances. You may have to refrain from wearing sleeveless outfits and shorts. Most often, you will be given a scarf at the gates if you come to be wearing clothes that are deemed to be inappropriate.

Currency and payments

The majority of Sri Lankan retail and dining establishments accept all major credit cards and debit cards. The official currency unit of the country is "Sri Lankan Rupees". You can exchange money from various outlets located all the way throughout the country at your convenience. Banks and ATM machines are also easily accessible at most areas and you will also be able to take advantage of banking services at super markets which operate on holidays.

Visa rules and requirements

The government of Sri Lanka has simplified the visa procedures for traveller's convenience while Maldivians and Singaporeans are exempted from visa procedures. For more information contact us and we are more than happy to guide and instruct you.

Vacation Guide

Sri Lanka has a wide array of different travelling pleasures to offer travelers from all parts of the world who come in with various expectations. Whether you are hoping to relax by a swimming pool or to explore a dense tropical rainforest, Sri Lanka is the perfect place to indulge in any travel fantasy you may have dreamt of. Let's look at some of Sri Lanka's most astounding offerings that keep tourists coming back for more.


For the beach lover, Sri Lanka is truly a paradise of stunning coastlines and exquisite beach resorts. Areas such as Unawatuna and Arugam Bay are among the most popular beach locations that never fail to impress tourists from all different parts of the world. Surfing, snorkeling and catching a glimpse of the world famous marine life are a few of the many exciting activities in these extraordinary coastal areas. Of course, the promise of trying out some of the freshest seafood you will ever taste is also there.

Mountains and Waterfalls

In the same island? Sri Lanka is truly a geographical marvel where misty mountains and sunny beaches are all available within one tiny island. As you travel inwards, the climate will begin to change and you will be treated to a collection of stunning waterfalls and rising hills covered with lush plant life that become a part of the landscape. While some waterfalls are easily visible from the roads, others will require you to travel through winding footpaths to catch a glimpse and perhaps to even enjoy the cool cascading waters. While Bambarakanda is the tallest of Sri Lankan waterfalls, others such as Devon and St. Claire's are just as lovely and definitely worth a visit.

Heritage Sites

As you may have heard, Sri Lanka boasts a rich history that has left behind many architectural marvels for the modern generation. For those of you who come in search for majestic ruins and evidence of a rich and advanced culture, areas such as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya await with the proud marks of ancient Sri Lankan civilizations. The Sigiriya Rock Fortress is both a stunning work of art and an engineering marvel that astounds many travelers who visit it. Ancient stupa structures that still stand to this day, huge buddha sculptures carved into rocks and exquisite paintings made entirely using natural pigments are a few of the extraordinary wonders that you will find within the national heritage sites of Sri Lanka.

Ayurveda pampering

The Sri Lankan lifestyle is intertwined with nature. This is why the art of ancient ayurvedic medicine still continues to thrive to this day. Medical treatments made entirely from natural for everything from the common cold all the way to serious injuries have been scientifically proven to be effective. Aside from ailments, natural treatments are also widely used for beauty and rejuvenating. Experience the true
power of traditional Sri Lankan natural treatments at various spas and resorts that specialize on them.


Rainforests, coral reefs, mandrake groves and grassy savannahs come with much more than lovely sights. They also offer travelers the chance to catch a glimpse of animals such as elephants, leopards, sloth bears and a truly stunning array of local and migrating birds. The Yala National Park and Kumana bird sanctuary are two of the many places where you can safely catch a glimpse of Sri Lanka's extraordinary wildlife.