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A Student Experience at its best

6 Day(s)

US $395 onwards (will vary as per number of travellers)

Tour Summary :

A visit to Sri Lanka doesn't need to be on a massive budget.  Our bespoke shoe-string package caters for all your needs, meaning that we only show you the sights that YOU want to see.


There is so much to see and do on this majestic island, it's difficult to even know where to begin.  Your tour includes the following principle must-see activities, as part of this great value for money package:

Allow us to welcome you on your first day to this enchanting isle

• Meet our Chauffeur/Guide at the Bandaranaike International Airport upon arrival and be assisted to your vehicle.

•  Begin day 1 of your 6 day escorted orientation tour in Negombo also known as "Little Rome". Here you will check-in at the Jetwing J hotel in Negombo.

•  Relax at the hotel and leave in the evening for a drive in this beautiful fishing village

•  Help the fishermen pull their fishing nets back to shore

•  A boat ride along the Negombo canal could also be arranged

•  Relax and overnight stay at hotel

Negombo-The picturesque town of Negombo, often referred to as Little Rome, has an Old World atmosphere of 17th Century churches and forts. The Negombo lagoon is a good place to watch the fishermen at work, some still using the ‘oruwa’, a dugout outrigger canoe, whose prehistoric evolution can be traced from the Comoro Islands off Mozambique to the South Seas. The canal system is the most evident Dutch relic here, and stretches 80 miles from Colombo to Puttalam.

Gear up for a rocky history lesson on your second day


•  Enjoy a lip-smacking breakfast at the hotel and get geared up for a rocky history lesson

•  Proceed to Sigiriya and witness en-route the typical Sri Lankan country side

 Take a walk up the 1000 or so steps of the beautiful Sigiriya rock fort.  Often considered the Eighth Wonder of the World, this is one of Sri Lanka's most recognisable features.  If the views from the bottom don't leave you lost for words, you can guarantee the ones from the top most definitely will!Once you arrive at Sigiriya rock fortress, get geared up to do an interesting climb as you witness the marvel of the eighth wonder of the world

Wander around the famous five cave temples of Dambulla.  These beautifully architectured caves are decorated with more than 150 Buddhist statues and murals.

Proceed to the Ancient city of Anurahapura for a quick city tour and relax at your hotel in anticipation of a day in the wild!

Sigiriya Rock Fortress - The 5th century Sigiriya rock fortress is a world heritage site, built by King Kashyapa (477-495 AD). The 'Lion Rock' is a citadel of unusual natural beauty rising 200 meters from the scrub jungle. The rock was the innermost stronghold of the 70 hectare fortified town. A moat, rampart, and extensive gardens including the renowned water gardens ring the base of the rock. Visit the world-renowned frescoes of the 'Heavenly Maidens' of Sigiriya, which are in a sheltered pocket of the rock approached by a spiral stairway. These frescoes were painted using earth pigments on plaster.

Dambulla - is famous for the five cave Temples on a rock.  The first 03 caves are better, older and larger than the other two.  Some caves date to the 1st century B.C. All 5 cave walls and ceilings are covered with Buddhist murals and there are more than 130 Buddha statues, and statues of Gods and Kings.

Anuradhapura - Visit the ruins of the first capital founded in the 05th century BC here is found the largest number of ancient monuments of a great civilization. Buddhism found its first real home in Sri Lanka at Anuradhapura, and it thus contains some of Sri Lankan Buddhism’s most secret sights

 The “Sri Maha Bodhi tree in Anuradhapura, planted from a cutting from the original “Bo Tree” under which the Buddha received enlightenment, continue to draw thousands of Buddhist pilgrims from around the world. The pillars of the brazen palace which once had nine stories, the image of the Samadhi Buddha which is one of the finest pieces of Buddhists sculpture, the twin ponds, guard-stones and the moon-stones are amazing remains of a great civilization. There are also monuments such as Ruwanveli Seya Dagoba with its famous elephant wall from the 2nd Century B.C. and the Thuparama Dagaba from the 3rd Century B.C.


The third day in Wild!

•  Put your boots on, pack up your breakfast and head off to the largest National Park in Sri Lanka

•Enjoy a truly wild Safari adventure in the largest National Park in Sri Lanka.  See if you can spot the leopards in the grass or perhaps the sloth bears taking a nap, as well as many many others. 

•  After the safari stop over at a relaxing village-side restaurant for lunch

•  Proceed to Polonnaruwa to witness the archeological brilliance of an ancient Kingdom of Sri Lanka

•  After completion of this city tour proceed to your hotel in Polonnaruwa


Wilpattu National Park- (Willu-pattu; Land of Lakes) is a park located on the island of Sri Lanka. The unique feature of this park is the existence of "Willus" (Natural lakes) - Natural, sand-rimmed water basins or depressions that fill with rainwater. Located in the Northwest coast lowland dry zone of Sri Lanka. The park is located 30 km west Anuradhapura and located 26 km north of Puttalam (approximately 180 km north of Colombo). The park is 131, 693 hectares and ranges from 0 to 152 meters above sea level. Nearly sixty lakes (Willu) and tanks are found spread throughout Wilpattu. Wilpattu is the largest and one of the oldest National Parks in Sri Lanka. Wilpattu is among the top national parks world renowned for its Leopard (Panthera pardus kotiya) population. The Leopard population in Wilpattu is still not yet known.

Polonnaruwa - Visit Polonnaruwa, which was the 2nd capital city of Sri Lanka built in the 11th and 12th centuries AD, and which is a world heritage site. Here you can see the ruins of the Royal Palace, the Gal Viharaya where 4 splendid statues of the Buddha in 'Upright', 'Sedentary' and 'Recumbent' postures carved out of rock could be seen and also  the Audience Hall, the Lotus Bath, the statue of King Parakramabahu, and the Parakrama Samudraya - a lake built by King Parakramabahu the great. There are also monuments of famous places of worship such as the Shiva Temple, the Lankathilake, the Watadage, the Galpotha, the Kiri Vehera and the remains of a former Temple of the Tooth Relic.



Aboriginal Walkabout on the fourth day

  • Enjoy a chilled out breakfast at the hotel and leave to Mahiyangana to meet and chat with the local folk people known as 'Veddahs'.

  • After an interesting history lesson by one of the tribal leaders, proceed on a picturesque winding route to Kandy.

  • Visit Kandy, the centre of Buddhism, Arts and Culture and explore the Golden Tooth Temple, which is considered to be Sri Lanka's most prized possession. 

  • Check in at the hotel and relax amongst the hills.

  • A visit to a Gem museum is also a must in order to witness the cleaning and cutting process of the Gem ston

  • Return to the your hotel and spend the night at leisure 

is home to the land of the aborigines known as “Veddahs”   meaning people of the forest who are in fact on the list of the world,s primitive tribes. Located 185 kilometers from the capital Colombo on the South East region of Matale,this dry historic yet highly developed town, is rich in agriculture and livestock farming. The Mahaweli River water is diverted to Mahiyangana, to enable farmers to do their cultivation which is a main source of income to the community. Legend says that Lord Buddha first preached here during his first visit to Sri Lanka.


Situated at a great location by Mahaweli river Mahiyangana provide access several National parks, Bird watiching Locations and Sanctuaries. Mahiyangana Rajmaha Viharaya, Sorabora Wewa Tank, Dambana Veddhas,Ulhitiya Wewa, Minipe, Randenigala, Maduruoya, Wasgomuwa are major Attractions here






Kandy, the laidback capital of the hill country, and the historical bastion of Buddhist power, is built around a peaceful lake and set in a picturesque bowl of hills. Today it is the center of Buddhism, Arts, Crafts and Culture.


Here, you will visit the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic.

Ever since 4th Century A.D, when the Buddha's Tooth was brought to Sri Lanka hidden from sacrilegious hands in an Orissan princess's hair, the Relic has grown in repute and holiness in Sri Lanka and throughout the Buddhist world. It is considered Sri Lanka's most prized possession.



Up close and personal with Elephants on the fifth day

  • Leave Kandy after an early breakfast and visit the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage.

  • Take a ride on one of Sri Lanka's most native creatures - the elephant.  

  • Watch Nelly and her friends take a bath in the nearby river, just a few meters in front of you, before heading back to the Orphanage for feeding time.

  • Proceed to Colombo after the visit and check in at your hotel. 

The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage was started in 1975 to house abandoned and wounded elephants. The sanctuary covers 25 acres of lush vegetation with an approximate population of about 77 elephants, consisting of both adults and babies. The best time to visit is the feeding time and the bathing time; when all the elephants are taken to the river close by.



Colombo is the hub of commerce and administration of Sri Lanka. Colombo was a fort city during the times of occupation by successive European powers and architecture of buildings is a blend of the past influences. Highlight places of visit include, the Colombo Museum, the Independence Square, and Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall, Town Hall and Parliament

Bidding Adieu on the sixth day

  • Spend the day at leisure or do a little bit more shopping until time for departure.